The public institution for the development of tourism and the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage "Radimlja" Stolac is a municipal tourist organization, and it was founded for the purpose of creating and promoting the identity and tourist potential at the level of the municipality, planning and implementing a joint strategy for its promotion, proposing and implementing publicity activities. in the country and abroad of common interest for all entities in tourism, and raising the quality level of the entire tourist offer of the municipality of Stolac. JU Radimlja administers the necropolises of the Stećaks of Radimlja and Boljuni, and the Old Town of Vidoški. He is the organizer of the Stolac medieval fair and the Stolac Bicycle Fair.

Working hours: Every day 07:00-19:00

Ticket price:
Invidualno 4 KM
Group 2 KM

The facility has a license Bike Friendly Standard (link)

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