The tourist organization Čapljinka was founded primarily to develop awareness of the significance of cultural and historical monuments and natural beauties in the area of Čapljina municipality and to carry out appropriate promotion of tourist potentials.


The public institution for the development of tourism and the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage "Radimlja" Stolac is a municipal tourist organization, and it was founded for the purpose of creating and promoting the identity and tourist potential at the level of the municipality, planning and implementing a joint strategy for its promotion, proposing and implementing publicity activities. in the country and abroad of common interest for all entities in tourism, and raising the quality level of the entire tourist offer of the municipality of Stolac.


The tourist information office Stolac is located in the very center of the city, 20m away from the main intersection of the roads leading to Trebinje and Ravno (further Dubrovnik, Montenegro), Bileća, and Mostar. It provides all tourist services of an informative nature to all those interested. It provides a brief introduction to the sights of the city through a promotional video, as well as a conversation with the employees, rent a bike services, booking accommodation, short routes and one-day trips, selling souvenirs, the monograph "Conversation with Radimlja", and a guide through Stolac.


The Vjetrenica Cave is a tourist attraction located in the municipality of Ravno, it is one of the largest cave systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Explored 7,323.90m, 700m is used for touristic purposes. Exceptional biodiversity. Rich in cave decorations. It is on the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Natural Monuments. Unique for the strong wind on summer days.

Located next to the old "ĆIRO" narrow-gauge railway, now a bicycle path. Nearby biospeleological museum and INFO center Vjetrenica.