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CIRO II - Cross-border Thematic Tourism Destination: Old Narrow Gauge Railway


Cross-border cooperation project INTERREG-IPA CBC HR-BA-ME414 for the promotion of tourism development and preservation of cultural and historical heritage. The total value of the project is EUR 1,927,871.46, of which the European Union will finance 85% of the total budget, or EUR 1,638,690.73.
Duration: 2020-22 

Value: 15,000.00€

Funded by: IPA CBC

The Project

The main project objective is to strengthen and diversify the tourism offer of Herzegovina, Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Boka-Kotorska Bay through development of joint thematic tourism destination: Old Narrow Gauge Railway ĆIRO. The abandoned railway was revitalized into a bicycle trail during the financial perspective 2007-2013. ĆIRO II project will expand the existing infrastructure of the bicycle trail (20 km of the trail in Montenegro) and create new tourist content (the construction of 10 rest places, 2 parks and 1 playground for children, development of ĆIRO mobile application and 3D animation, etc.). Local service providers will be trained to apply the bike friendly standards and quality control in cyclotourism.


The Lead Partner, Municipality of Ravno (BA), is responsible for the overall implementation of project activities and for project finances. Expected benefits for the partner are spreading the knowledge and skills, improving the capacity and establishment of cooperation with all partners in the project, as well as to enhance tourism development in its territory and to set the grounds for development of tourism businesses along the trail by creating cross-border thematic tourism destination.

Agency for construction and development of Herceg Novi (ME) is responsible for maintenance and works on ĆIRO trail in Montenegro. AZIRHN is also in charge of the communication activities of the project, which includes design and production of promotional materials, as well as production of promotional project video. Partner is also responsible for creation of project social media pages and regular posting of project related content.

Municipality of Konavle (HR) is responsible for maintenance and works on ĆIRO trail in Croatia. Besides being responsible for investments in Croatia, Konavle is responsible for training sessions with key identified target groups and organization of events. It is also responsible for development of unique bicycle tourism application for mobile platforms, which will include not only the overview of the route, but also the entire tourist offers around the ĆIRO trail.

REDAH provided technical assistance in writing project proposals and project implementation. Through the project "Cycling through history - revitalization of the old narrow-gauge railway" ĆIRO "(ĆIRO I)", the ĆIRO trail was largely revitalized as a cycling tourist trail in BiH and HR, which is the first step in the development of the return of ĆIRO in life". Through this project, the goal is to take a further step, not only in terms of improving its infrastructure and supporting facilities in the function of tourism but also by involving more countries (Montenegro, Bay of Kotor) and developing thematic tourist destination CB (CB TTD ĆIRO). This will achieve the overall goal of the project - strengthened and diversified tourist offer of neighboring areas of Herzegovina, Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the Bay of Kotor through the cross-border thematic tourist destination CIRO, which will increase the number of visitors in the project area and extend their stay. project budget 1,770,362, of which for the municipality of Ravno 509,566,

Association HerzegovinaBike provided technical assistance through the organization of bicycle races and the mapping of part of the track in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the creation of a website and social networks for the promotion of the Ćiro project.

Through the project, infrastructure works on the Ćiro path will be continued, along with the installation of supporting facilities, cross-border partnership and efficient management will be strengthened, new bicycle gatherings will be held, etc., all with the aim of increasing the arrival of foreign tourists and extending their stay, not only on the ĆRO route. -, but also in the wider area of Herzegovina, Dubrovnik-Neretva County and Boka-Kotorska Bay.


For more information about project “Ćiro II” please visit website of the association "HerzegovinaBike” (, which was involved in the implementation of the project, and where you can find the entire network of cycling routes in Herzegovina.