Cycling event: Ciro Trail Zavala - Trebinje

Are you ready to visit Trebinje? Yes, that small beautiful tourist town in the south is ready for the first cyclists, and we arrive in Trebinje by cycling along the Ćira railway from Zavala.

The cycling club "Vučji Zub" and the association "HerzegovinaBike" announce the bicycle race "Ćirina prugo Zavala - Trebinje" which will take place on Sunday 04/07/2024. starting at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Zavala restaurant in Zavala. The bike ride is realized with the financial support of: Grada Trebinja, Općine Ravno, tvrtke HT Eronet, Continental Tires, Skoda Apolo Mostar, Turističke Zajednice HNŽ/K, Turističke Organizacije Grada Trebinja, Spilje Vjetrenica, agencije REDAH i Capriolo SC Mostar , and in order to promote "Southern Herzegovina and the Ćiro Narrow Gauge Railway".

The second Ćira bicycle race in 2024 takes us from Zavala to Trebinje, along a path 45 km long in one direction. In both directions, we will cover about 90 km, but don't let the mileage scare you, because the track is completely flat and lively with beautiful landscapes. As we said, this is a very beautiful section, where we meet a large number of Ćira stations, as well as the most beautiful and largest "HUM", where we will definitely take a break for refreshments and a tour. We repeat, the section is completely flat (you can forget about physical fatigue), and colleagues from Trebinje have already proved themselves to be excellent hosts a couple of times, so we are definitely expecting fun, socializing and rich content. We end the bike tour in the old town of Trebinje, with a tour of the city with a tourist guide, and before that, a visit to Ćira - a train that is still standing and defying time, where we will take a photo together - is definitely unavoidable. We will be hosted by the City of Trebinje, the Tourist Organization of the City of Trebinje and the Vučji zub Bicycle Club at this cycling event.


The bike ride starts in front of the Zavala restaurant in Zavala, where all participants have a large parking lot at their disposal and can park their vehicles and refresh themselves in the Zavala restaurant until the start of our bike ride. The start of the bike ride and the beginning of our socializing is planned for 11:00 a.m., and the bike ride goes along the route where Ćiro traveled in the past in a length of 45 km from Zavala to Trebinje, or 90 km in the total length of the bike ride. It is important to mention that the section is flat and not physically demanding, and all participants will have a van to accompany them in case they feel too much cycling. There is also an option for a van to transfer those who find 90 km too much from Trebinje to Zavala. The participants of the cycling event will also have at their disposal 8 volunteers, experienced cyclists who will take care of the safety of all participants during cycling and take care of any unforeseen situation and remove it as soon as possible, as well as a police escort in dangerous places, where there is increased vehicle traffic.
The entire route has an asphalted surface on which, in addition to MTB bikes, you can also ride trekking or road bikes. It is suitable for all cyclists, since the route and rhythm of the ride are easy and suitable for the majority.
Volunteers, a service vehicle, photos and video from the bike ride are available to all participants, and they are provided with refreshments, water and first aid in the service vehicle...


In the past, a narrow-gauge railway with a steam locomotive ran from Mostar along the Neretva River, through Čapljina, Popovo polje, Ravno, and in the town of Hum (the main railway junction) it split into two tracks, where one leads to Trebinje, Trebinje and further to Bileća and Nikšić , and the other branch towards Uskoplje (that is, Zelenica and Dubrovnik). It is important to emphasize that in the town of Uskoplje (2km before Ivanica) we had another junction, where one branch goes to Zelenica (Montenegro), and the other to Dubrovnik (Croatia).
Construction of the railway began in 1898 and ended in 1901. During its existence, Ćiro connected places in Herzegovina and brought them life, and today the railway has been reconstructed into a bicycle path.

TRAIL AVAILABLE ON LINK…/ciro-staza-zavala-trebinje

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